Crawl Space Encapsulation Pros and Cons

Crawl Space Encapsulation Pros and Cons

Many homeowners in are opting for crawlspace as opposed to the large-sized basements. A crawl space is preferred to a basement as it ensures that the air quality and temperature are maintained without paying a high cost like that of building a crawl space.

To get the best out the crawlspace, it is encapsulated and maintained in the best conditions possible. However, crawl space encapsulation is not without various pros and cons. Understanding the various crawlspace encapsulation pros and cons will help you as a property owner consider the best course of action before up your structure.

What is Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation entails the process of creating a barrier on your crawlspace against humidity. It is done to eliminate various risks and dangers that would occur if it is not encapsulated. The encapsulation is done by a profession and ensures that the crawl section is airtight such that rodents and pests are kept away while the air and temperature qualities of the house maintained at their best levels.

Crawl Area Encapsulation Pros and Cons

Many advantages emanate from the crawl section encapsulation particularly when the issue is considered in a long-term perspective.

Primarily, the crawlspace encapsulation reduces moisture and thus the possibility of the growth of mold. Mold spores can be hazardous and cause illnesses. Moreover, with reduced moisture, your feet will keep warm even during the seemingly low temperatures.

The airtight encapsulation prevents mice, rats, and other pests from gaining access to the household. This means that the droppings and the possible dangers of these pests are eliminated.

Finally, an encapsulated crawlspace eliminates the risk of soil particles and air from below from reaching the human environment. As such, the air quality is clean and any allergens are blocked. A healthy environment is a safe place to live.

However, even though houses with crawl space encapsulation enjoy such rewards, they do not come without cons. Evidently, finding an expert who will encapsulate your crawl space to the required standards is a costly investment. When one is financially squeezed, it may become challenging to encapsulate the crawl area.


Crawlspace encapsulation pros outweigh the cons such that it better to invest and pay the cost though it high and enjoy the benefits.

Besides, failing to invest in crawlspace encapsulation is a recipe for having to treat illnesses and infection, remove molds etc. A wise person would rather invest in crawlspace encapsulation.