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Importance of CrawlSpace Waterproofing for Structures

Importance of CrawlSpace Waterproofing for Structures

A crawl space is one of the most important places for your house. Some residents underestimate its importance until a problem arises and they realize how properly constructed crawlspace is important. Specifically crawlspace waterproofing.

Before we even discuss of the importance of crawlspace waterproofing, it is crucial you understand what a crawlspace is. A crawl space is a small space underneath your house but the not the basement. As the name implies, its height is not long enough to support a person who is standing.

The nature and condition of the crawl space determine the health of your family, the quality of the air and the moisture content in your house.

How Important is Crawlspace Waterproofing

1.        Crawlspace waterproofing Keeps Rodents and Insects out of your home

When waterproofing is lacking it is evident that the crawlspace is not well constructed and the maintenance is put to question. As such rodents and insects find a habitation in the crawlspace and around your home. Such can be a health hazard for your family. Also, the dropping from the rodents make your compound untidy and not good even for children. The house owners who care about the well-being of their family choose to waterproof the crawl space.

2.      Crawlspace waterproofing Maintains the Moisture Levels of your House

Crawlspace waterproofing will maintain the temperature levels of your house within the normal range. This happens by preventing water from the soil surface from seeping through the crawlspace to the house floor.

Maintaining the ideal moisture levels is important as it is cost effective. For example, when the temperature is within the normal range, you will save electricity as you will need the heater fewer times in the year. Additionally, you will not need the services of mold removal companies as there won’t be a conducive environment for mold growth.

Finally, when the crawl space of any house is waterproof, the quality of the air of the house is good and the inhabitants will enjoy the comfort of such a house.


Waterproofing the crawl space of a house is important as it will ensure that the air quality in the house is good as well as the moisture levels. Finally, you will be able to keep off insects and rodents that mess up your compound.

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