How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost on Average?

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost on Average?


No one wants to hear that something needs repairing, especially if it costs more than your yearly salary. That is why people are terrified to go to the dentist, put off going to the doctor, and just outright refuse to get their car fixed after an accident. However, when it comes to making large financial decisions based on disasters, the common consensus is that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.   So, say you are putting away emergency money for this sort of thing, like a savings account or something. What would be a decent estimate for foundation repair? How much does it reflect in the severity of the situation?

As a quick mental exercise, let’s look at the general consensus of how much foundation repair would cost.

 Aside: This is not a substitution for an actual quote from the company. If you think you have problems you need to get your case specifically examined. These prices vary from company to company and the quotes in this article are much more generalized. This is not an official quote or a diagnostic. 


Inspection Fees


Even if nothing is wrong with the home upon initial inspections, you still have to pay service or labor fees for coming out there in the first place. The standard rate of pay for servicemen to come out and at least do an inspection varies widely from company to company. sA recent answer to this question for this site comes from the 2018 Home Advisor report, that stated, ” Structural Reports.  If you see that there are foundation issues, it is worth the extra foundation inspection report fees (ranging from $300-$700).”

If we were to assume that this was a residential area, that was being inspected by a realtor or someone who was considering buying a house,  with a typical crawlspace the median of that quote would be $500.

While it is nothing to sneeze at, if something wasn’t wrong with the area, and it was just a run of the mill inspection, that would be the cap of the cost to the homeowner.


There are three situations that I know for certain to demonstrate the differing levels of severity in foundation damage. These three are: small cracks, larger cracks on foundational walls, or if the foundation itself is damaged enough to need replacement.  So, let’s research the scenarios:


Small Crack in the Foundation


Small, hairline cracks are generally easy to repair and will not dip too much in your life savings. If the foundation appears to be strong otherwise, and you aren’t noticing any excess water or insects traveling inside or around it, the best course of action is to either hire someone to repair the crack for about $50 or do it yourself with a list of accurate and well thought out instructions.

If you are not getting a quote or the repair service from a professional, you might only be out the cost of crack sealant, which runs at about $10-$20 or so.  But, if you decide to forego the inspection, and if you aren’t trained to look for an underlying issue, you might be only slapping a band-aid on a severe gash.

Small crack without inspection – $10-$50


 Larger Cracks and Flooding in Concrete Foundation


foundation repairIf you come across a crack that is larger than a hairline, as well as excess moisture, or signs of it growing over time, the last thing that needs to be done is for it to be handled by an amateur.  Something like this presents a threat to the literal stability of your home and could lead to even worse foundation damage if left untreated.

The cost to repair cracks that are wider than 1/8th of an inch range from $250 up to $ 800.  If they are left alone with no intervention, then the cracks become a pathway for flooding or insect infestation. At best. At the worst, it will cause structural problems in your foundation that will wind up larger than anyone would intend.  If you combine it with the cost of a formal foundation inspection, you would look at a median total of $1150. At the worst, it’s less than double, and at the best, it would be a little more half that amount.

Large Crack With Inspection – $550-$1700


Excavation & Foundation Replacement


When the foundation is too far gone, the cost will rise drastically.  Mainly because the house has to be foundation repairoutright lifted in order for them to work on the foundation underneath.  Home Advisor  stated, “the cost of lifting a house ranges from, $1,846 – $6,359, with the national average of $5,671.”  The low-end is a surprising $450 with the highest point being $11,434.

And they are not alone in this estimate. According to,” if you are less lucky you may need excavation, the pouring of new concrete, drainage, reinforcement of the existing structure, and new soil added to the foundation area of the home. If you are even unluckier still, you may have to deal with structural issues caused by the shifting of the foundation (which is the reason for consulting with an engineer when an inspector suggests it). Average repairs of this type range from a new floor (at $75 per cubic yard) to adding piers or new underpinning at roughly $3500 to $5000.”

And that is not counting the cost of a hotel stay, new landscaping, and handling attached structures like a garage.


Foundation Change Median plus Inspection: $4500-$5,800 (not including other service fees)



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