How Much Mold Exposure is Harmful to Your Health?

How Much Mold Exposure is Harmful to Your Health?

Mold exposure is something of concern to property owners, tenants, and potential buyers. Understanding how much mold exposure is harmful is important as it will assist you in making the right decision on what you should do.

For example, if you are a property owner, you may make structural changes on the crawlspace to regulate the moisture levels. In fact, as a potential buyer, may choose to either purchase a house or not or at what price you must buy.

Finally, knowing the extent of mold that is harmful will help you know when to call a mold removal specialist.

1.       The Cause and Extent of Mold Spread

How much mold is harmful is dependent on what is causing the mold to form and what surface it forms. For example, when mold forms because of seasonal flooding, the extent of its harm is minimal given that draining the flooded surface and drying it, the mold will be removed.

Also, if the mold has formed because of poor ventilation on the bathrooms and you identify is soon before it spreads, then it may not be harmful. In fact, in such a scenario you can even remove the mold by yourself and ensure that the bathrooms are well aerated to prevent mold formation.

However, if the mold growth is caused by poorly insulated crawlspace and has spread to the walls and the floor, then it may be harmful. Additionally, if you have tried home remedies several times but the process hasn’t been fruitful, then danger is lurking close by and it is a matter of time before the full manifestation of mold-illness is evident.

2.     Evidence of Mold Exposure that is Harmful

Evidently, sometimes you may not know your house has mold unless an inspection is done by a mold specialist. However, before then, you can identify mold levels that are beyond the harmless levels.

For example, if you smell the air and it is stuffy, you may need to call one of the specialists to confirm your sensing.

Additionally, if members of your house are sneezing and having their eyes irritated, then chances are the mold levels are too high.

Finally, to answer how much mold exposure is harmful to the residents, the medical diagnosis can prove that. When symptoms of mold illness persist, then a checkup will prove that something needs to be done.

The good thing is that there are many crawlspace contractors to carry out mold removal and remediation services to the acceptable levels.

For prevention purposes, it is best to have a regular checkup and professional counsel to determine how much mold exposure is harmful and take the necessary steps.

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