Crawlspace Definition

Crawlspace Definition

You are purchasing a new home. One of the features you see in the listing is crawl space. Do you know what it is and why it is important? What will be below your feet is of significant importance and should not be casual about it.

The crawlspace is the space that is below the floor of your house. It is different from a basement in the sense that it is not as high since it is only about 1-3m high just ample space for an individual to crawl through as the name alludes.

You may underestimate the importance of this space until you need plumbing services or electrical wires fixation among other needs.

In fact, most people appreciate the crawlspace as a place for ductwork, heater and air conditioning. When done the right way, it can provide incredible benefits. However, when done inappropriately, it can be a source of stress and jeopardize your comfort in your newly acquired or constructed house.

Why you need a Crawlspace

Primarily, a crawl space definition and importance for any person is about the functions that can be carried out smoothly on the crawl space such as cooling system, heating, plumbing and electrical fixtures.

If you do not have a crawlspace and require some repairs, you may be required to perform excavation which is way too tedious and costly.

Amazingly, crawl spaces are cheaper to build and maintain compared to a basement. In fact, the price can be as low as ¼ of building a basement. That means that even if you are living in coastal areas where sand and water can mount unnecessary pressure on the basement causing it to crack, crawl spaces will take care of such eventualities.

Why crawlspace Definition is important

Understanding the crawlspace definition is important. It will help you know why it is essential to maintain your crawl space. Otherwise, the structural integrity of your house and your health will be compromised.

That is why you should ensure that you maintain proper ventilation. Without it, mold, termites, rodents, and fungi will find a breeding space.  Also, the stack effect will manifest in a poorly ventilated crawl space. This means that moisture will move from the ground through the crawl space to the floor of your house causing molds.

Is Crawl Space Important?

You crawlspace definition is clear for you and you understand that it is important to build one.

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