Several Methods for Basement Waterproofing

Several Methods for Basement Waterproofing in Chattanooga, TN


Basement waterproofing and drainage are essential for any building. Especially for older home and office building owners. If you don’t pay attention groundwater will likely to build up in the soil of a home’s foundation.  There are various methods for waterproofing a basement. These methods include:


basement waterproofingUse of Interior Sealants

The technique is used in concrete foundations, cracks and pipe penetrations. The openings are sealed from the interior. Some who are adhesives can be pressure injected into the openings hence cutting off the path of the seepage. The interior sealers are useful in Chattanooga, Al for preventing high atmospheric humidity inside the basement by absorbing into the porous masonry.


 Interior Water Drainage

The technique is used in redirecting basement water. The method involves creating a channel around the perimeter of the basement along the foundation. The French drain, PVC pipe or a patent draining system is used. It collects any water entering the basement and drains it to an internal sump pump system.


 Exterior Waterproofing

The method is used in Chattanooga, AL  to prevent structural damage caused by water intrusion.  In basement waterproofingthis waterproofing method, the drywalls are sealed with a waterproofing membrane, and new drainage tiles are placed at the side of the footing.


 Box type Basement waterproofing method


The methodology involves constructing a retaining wall to create a bonding system around the underground structure.

The technique entails two specific processes.

First, a cement slurry is mixed with an integral waterproofing compound for a horizontal layout.

Second,  a vertical treatment is applied for fixing stones with cement paste and closing the joints in the basement.



In conclusion, underground room waterproofing can prevent water from entering or escaping into various sections of the building structures.

Naturally, The methods used to avoid water damage in Chattanooga, TN includes the use of interior sealants, interior water drainage, and external basement prevention.