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Signs your Home Could Need Foundation Repair

Signs your Home Could Need Foundation Repair


If your house has a weak foundation, then your entire home could run the risk of collapsing. This is common knowledge, common enough that it is an actual biblical parable.  But, there are other ways that your home’s foundation can be damaged, and there are both inward and outward signs in the home when you need foundation repair. If you think that you have a few of these signs, think about calling a foundation repair company. 

What Leads to Foundation Damage?


Damage to your foundation can come in many forms, and all of them point to water leaking into the dirt in your yard. Any sort of flooding, whether over a gradual period of time or all at once, can destroy the foundation of your home, cracking below the surface.  If there is a way for water to stand still, your home will no doubt take a lot of damage and in ways that not even Flex Tape could fix.

  • One major cause of foundational flooding is poorly installed drainage ditches and gutters. If your drainage ditch or gutter is not installed correctly, then water will gather instead of dispersing. This causes a flood.
  • Another major cause of foundational flooding is leaking in the plumbing. Water accumulates drop by drop until it loosens the soil in your foundation, causing it to weaken.
  • Bad housing materials or subpar construction work can lead to foundational damage. If the concrete is inferior or if the foundation doesn’t have enough steel, there is a stronger chance of foundational damage.
  • Insect infestations can cause severe damage to your home’s foundation. If your home foundation is made of wood and has plenty of moisture, it can become prey to carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and especially termites.  If the infestation is large enough, it can weaken the foundation of your home.
  • Lastly, poor soil conditions can lead to foundation failure. If not packed correctly, the soil can have room to expand and contract when coming into contact with water.  This softens the foundation, causing it to crack and wiggle loose.

Inward and Outward Signs


When your home needs foundation repair, there are two places where visible signs occur. Inside the home and outside the home. Some of the signs are subtle and others are more nuanced, but you should be aware if you come across multiple signs both inward and outward.


Inward signs


  • Cracks in the interior walls are one of the biggest signs that can be hard to miss. This is from the shifting and settling of the foundation of your home.
  • Floors that creak and sag are another sign of foundation problems. If you start to walk and hear a creak with every step, you are either in a haunted house, or your flooring is getting weaker. If the floor gets weak enough, it will collapse without proper support.
  • Another way of telling if you are having foundational problems is when doors start sticking to the frame.  Sometimes, a door sticking is only a temporary issue. If you are in an area that is prone to humidity like Chattanooga, TN or large amounts of rainfall, your doors will swell anyway. But, if it has been a few days since it was humid and it still sticks, it could be a sign of foundation issues.

Outward Signs


  • If you are having a hard time shutting your outer windows or notice gaps in the outer window frame, then you might have a foundational problem. Your home shifts when your foundation expands or contracts, leaving gaps and cracks in its wake.
  • Leaning chimneys are also an outward sign of a shifting foundation. When your foundation shifts, it can no longer support as much weight as it used to. It also cannot support the height of structures as it used to either. It’s like a Jenga block tower. The more you take from the bottom of the pile, the harder it is for the entire tower to sustain itself.
  • Bricks in a wall are supposed to be sturdy, but even they aren’t completely indestructible. While it can withstand harsh winds and rains, the grout that glues the brick together can’t withstand long-term moisture. While it is designed to accommodate for some moisture, it cannot withstand excessive dampness. When the grout gets too damp, it will crumble, making cracks around the brickwork.



If you see these signs consistently, and persistently, then you need to call a contractor or a foundation repair company.  The earlier you address a problem, the more likely that the problem will be solvable and cost you less money in the long run.  If you live in the Chatanooga, TN area, then give Allied Crawlspace a call! We do quality work at a fair rate and have the tools necessary to fix any foundational problem that might come your way.

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