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A sump pump system must be able to keep the basement dry in all conditions. That's why we install the Dual Pump Pack™ sump pump system. That's because it's important to have a built in backup system when a pump fails or can't keep up with the amount of water coming in. The second pump sits in the sump basin at a higher level than the primary pump. If the main pump fails, the backup will kick in and pump out the excess water.

For added safety, we can add battery backup, which will run the backup pump even when power fails. This second device will pump up to 2500 gallons per hour. The system comes with an alarm to let you know when it is running on battery power.

For the ultimate peace of mind, we can provide a Heavy Duty sump pump system which provides all the backup features we've discussed. It will kick in the 2nd pump during overflow conditions, or during a power outage.

All of the sump pump systems include an airtight lid to keep out debris and prevent water from evaporating back into the basement, increasing the humidity.

If you live in an area where where basement flooding happens regularly or you need to solve problems with dampness where the water table is located above the foundation, a sump pump is an ideal solution. They are designed to send water away from the house to any place where it won't cause problems, such as a down a municipal storm drain or into a dry well.

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