Symptoms of Mold Sickness

Symptoms of Mold Sickness

Molds are common occurrences in most homes particularly when the house lacks a crawlspace or the crawlspace is not properly maintained. When molds grow, they require immediate attention to eliminate any possible dangers.

However, there are times when the molds grow in places that are not easily recognizable, the spores spread and affect the quality of the air. The symptoms of the mold sickness will manifest requiring the attention of a health professional to address the mold illness.

At that point also, the house requires an inspection to remove the molds by an expert and deal with the root cause of the molds. For example, encapsulate the crawl space to reduce moisture.

Major Symptoms of Mold Illness

Given that mods affect the air quality, the symptoms will manifest in the respiratory system and can resemble other illnesses. That is why any time you notice these symptoms, going to your doctor or any medical facility within your reach is important.

Individuals who get mold infection exhibit many of the following signs

  1. Continuous sneezing while in the house which disappears when outside
  2. Feeling tired and experiencing general body weakness
  • Feelings of tingling and numbness
  1. Eyes feeling sensitive that manifest differently. For some it is red eyes, tearing eyes, light sensitivity among others
  2. Persistent joint pains and aches and unexplainable muscle cramping. In fact, some even have nerve pains
  3. Common headaches
  • Problem keeping focus and memory problems and brain fogginess
  • Sinus problems manifested in shortness of breath and coughing
  1. Asthmatic problems
  2. Vertigo and tremors
  3. Excessive thirst and frequent need for urination
  • Night sweats and sharp variations in temperature
  • Some people may even experience some metallic taste in the mouth

What Next after seeing Symptoms of Mold sickness?

Experiencing these signs?

Do not take chances by assuming that the condition will disappear. Go to a qualified health professional who will examine you to ascertain that you have mold sickness.

Once treated, ensure you deal with the triggering factors that promote the growth of molds. This will be the long-term solution to your mold sickness as opposed to just treating the symptoms of mold sickness.

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