Warning Signs for Crawl Space Repair

Warning Signs for Crawl Space Repair

You may underestimate the importance of a crawlspace until a problem arises when you realize how important it is to have a well-maintained crawlspace for your structure.

The evidence of a poorly maintained crawlspace is asthma attacks for your family members, cold houses, rodents on the crawl space. When you address crawl space repair issues on time, you reduce the negative implications associated with a damaged crawl space.

Below we provide you with three common warning signs that your crawlspace requires to be maintained.

1.       Increased moisture levels in the House

A well-constructed and ventilated crawlspace keeps the house warm and it is a thermostat in a sense. However, when you start experiencing cold feet and an increased need to switch on the heater, it is possible that moisture from the foundation walls is seeping through the crawlspace and into the house.

When left unchecked, the electricity bill will go up because of having to heat up the house. Additionally, the health of your family will be at risk since molds thrive in moist surfaces. That is why you must not ignore these warning signs. Even if the cause of high moisture content is not the crawlspace only, having a contractor check that is important.

2.     Cracking Foundation

Another evidence that the crawl space repair is important is seen when you realize that the foundation has cracks and they are enlarging gradually and progressively. What happens is that, when the crawlspace is left unmaintained, it attracts dirt that can trap moisture. This moisture when it enters the foundation cracks, it enlarges them to allow more water that makes the cracks bigger.

The house owners that would like to maintain the value of their houses will repair the crawlspace soonest. In fact, in this situation, crawlspace encapsulation would be ideal.

3.     Poor Air Quality

Have you noticed a considerable change in the quality of air in your house? Could you be feeling that the house is stuffy and sometimes you end up sneezing? One of the possible causes is high moisture levels above the recommended levels to the extent that mold spores grow and spread in the air. Apart from poor air quality, this is a health hazard waiting to fully manifest in form of mold sickness.

As such, it is essential to call a ninja for crawl space repair.